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Lose The Back Pain by Jesse Canone

The highly popular Lose The Back Pain System has helped 1000’s of back pain sufferers around the world.

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The Creator of this system is very confident that this back pain system can effectively help – he offers a 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Lose the Back Pain Review

Lose The Back Pain is a program designed by Jesse Cannone that is said to help alleviate and sometimes completely eliminate your pain. As someone who has suffered from debilitating pain at different points in my life I was very interested to see what Lose The Back Pain was all about and if it was indeed for real. On more than one occasion I have been unable to work and forced to spend countless days at home on muscle relaxants as I prayed for relief while it hurt just to breathe. So far I have been one of the lucky ones that has only had intermittent issues with his back but I can imagine what life might be like to live on a daily basis with this kind of pain. There is no doubt that at some point again in my life I will hurt my back again so this is the real reason why I wanted to check this program out.

For myself, my problem was caused by doing stupid things like lifting heavy things like 125 pound Rottweiler’s with my back instead of my legs. Of course, the damage done to some of the muscles and the resulting way in which my body compensated for the injury led to further problems… mostly because I was too impatient and stubborn to allow my body to truly heal. Live and learn from back pain, I guess!

It wasn’t just the fact that the author claims that his system will alleviate your problem or minimize it, it was the fact that Jesse Cannone says that he can do so without the use of drugs or surgery. Instead, Lose The Back Pain uses techniques found in Muscle Balance Therapy to remove some of the stress on muscle tissue and instead allow your body to work in a more balanced way….thus the name Muscle Balance Therapy. The Lose The Back Pain system does this by guiding you through a series of stretching corrective exercises to help bring your muscles into harmony so they work together in a more balanced way.

Many people were skeptical when confronted with the notion that a regimen of stretching exercises could cure their back pain, and rightly so. Not just any stretching exercises are ever going to cure you of your back pain though. It is necessary to know what you’re doing… what muscles are the culprit and what can be done to loosen those tight muscles that are spasming and causing your problem. Through careful evaluation, guidance, patience and persistence others have found some pretty good results from Lose The Back Pain by using Muscle Balance Therapy and this is the focus of this system.

Just like anything though, success probably isn’t going to come overnight. Even if you were to go on a steady diet of pain killers, muscle relaxants and bed rest your back pain isn’t going to go away overnight. Likewise, those that used the Lose The Back Pain system said that it took some time but that they did see a reduction in their pain that they felt was directly related to the information in Jesse Cannone’s book. But just like anything, it isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good if you don’t follow through with it and you will probably only find partial relief is you only give it a half-hearted effort. The payoff may be that you rid yourself of that pain that has been making your life miserable. Now, isn’t that worth checking out further?

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Taking a Look at Jesse Cannone’s Lose the Back Pain System

Dr. Robert V. Duvall, Jesse Cannone and Steve Heffernon of The Healthy Back Institute have been working diligently for 10 years to understand the root causes of back pain. They found that, often times, the problem was that patients were referred to treatments aimed at helping the symptoms, rather than the cause.

It’s like taking an aspirin for a headache: it will help mitigate the discomfort for the time being, but will not prevent future headaches from returning. “Back pain does not happen overnight,” they argue. “The reason you have it is because your body and spine have been pulled out of their normal position and into what we call dysfunctions. If you are like most people, you move around and live your life without ever being aware that you are forcing your body to work with these dysfunctions, and sooner or later your body breaks down.” With The Lose The Back Pain System, they hope to educate sufferers of this discomfort to find real cures.

For the $97 price tag, you’ll receive 2 Lose the Back Pain DVDs, 3 Lose the Back Pain Audio CDs, a 117-page Lose the Back Pain Reference Manual, a personal Lose the Back Pain Workbook, unlimited customer support and the Lessons from Miracle Doctors Ebook. The Lose The Back Pain System was written by three medical specialists: Jesse Cannone, a Fitness Expert and Post Rehab Specialist; Steve Hefferon, a Sports Massage Therapist; and Dr. Robert V. Duvall, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Master of Physical Therapy, a certified Athletic Trainer and Master Golf Fitness Instructor.

Their system will help you identify the cause, treat the symptoms and furthermore, treat the cause and condition. This system goes beyond the generic stretching instructions offered by doctors. The program consists of self-identifying tests to help you determine the root of your problem and a personalized self-treatment plan.

The best thing about The Lose The Back Pain System is that you can start off with a free guide to see if the program is for you. All things considered, paying $97 for straight-forward scientific information and personalized treatment solutions for this discomfort, with round-the-clock support, is not a bad deal. Most of the sufferers in the testimonials mention chronic back pain that has spanned decades, excruciating sciatica, herniated discs and disabling pain; so this system is a good place to start if you’ve been feeling dissatisfied with your doctors’ rushed explanations and recommendations.

If you’d like to investigate some of the self-help products available for this discomfort, this system can also help you identify which types would work best for your specific condition. And if you don’t know what your root cause or condition is, then the self-help tests can assist you in ascertaining this as well.

The down side of The Lose The Back Pain System is that it sounds too good to be true. Is this just another over-hyped series of books and DVDs mass-marketed to an eager audience (like “The Secret” or the Atkins Diet)? If you have seemingly tried everything and are at your wit’s end, then you might appreciate the customer service offered by their support staff and the ability to gather new information.

Yet much of this information seems to be lacking proven scientific evidence, some reviewers caution, and many of the testimonials seem to be written by sales copywriting professionals. Exercise caution before resting all your hopes on this system, and you’d be well-served to try out the free guide before you buy the full deal.

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